Table of contents: Studies in Dialects

 Volume 9. (July 31, 2023)

  • Igarashi, Yosuke: Quantitative Analysis in Studies of Accents in Japonic Dialects: Breaking Free from the Endless "I hear it/ I don't hear it" Dispute
  • Takamaru, Keiichi and Ototake, Hokuto: An Exploratory Survey of Dialects in Minutes of Local Assemblies: A Dialectological Study Using Machine Learning and XAI Technology
  • Matsumoto, Kazuko, Takada, Mieko, Okumura, Akiko and Yoshida, Sachi: The Genesis and Evolution of a Japanese Colonial Koiné: Apparent-time Evidence from Sakhalin in the Far East of Russia
  • Taniguchi, Joy, Yamagishi, Yuki, Mineo, Kaisei and Sato, Michihiro: Semantic Change in Shizuoka Dialect Mamettai: Using Categorical Data Analysis Method
  • Tanaka, Yukari, Maeda, Tadahiko, Hayashi, Naoki and Aizawa, Masao: Macroscopic Changes in Dialect Consciousness in Postwar Japanese Language Society: Regional and Age Group Differences in Speaker Types Based on a Large-Scale Nationwide Survey
  • Otsuka, Takashi and Kanno, Michimasa: The Deontic Modal Yōda in the Central Ibaraki Dialect of the Japanese Language

 Volume 8.(July 31, 2022)

  • Tomosada, Kenji: Prospects for Researches Concerning Interjections
  • Arimoto, Mitsuhiko: The System of Interjections: An Attempt to Continuously Grasp Them
  • Kobayashi, Takashi: Regional Differences in the Operation of Interjections: About the Difference between Tohoku and Kinki
  • Sawamura, Miyuki: Research Methods and Materials for Interjections
  • Tatsuki, Toshihisa: On the Interjection wai in the Goshogawara Dialect of Aomori Prefecture
  • Konishi, Izumi: Toyama Dialects Na(a)n and Namo Interjections in a Narrative Structure: A Case Study on the Pragmatic Functions of Interjections in Discourse
  • Matsuda, Mika: Usage of Interjection used as Filler: Study of Oita dialect Anta
  • Funaki, Reiko: A Differential Analysis of the Interjection maa in Japanese Dialects
  • Kudo, Mako: Morphological Characteristics of Akita Dialect Onomatopoeia: A Method Using Folktales and Dialect Dictionaries
  • Inaguma, Shiho: Ga-Type Sentence-Final Particles in the Aichi Nagoya Dialect: Gender and Generational Differences, Usage and Prosody
  • Goto, Noriko: Characteristics of Dialect Use in Nursing Care Settings: Use and Shift Between Dialects, Common Language, and Their Mixed Forms

 Volume 7.(July 31, 2021)

  • Kubo, Hiromasa: Imperative Expressions in the Ehime Matsuyama Dialect: Relationships Between Forms, Tones, Speech Functions, and Usage Situations

 Volume 6. (August 31, 2020)

  • Uwano, Zendo: On the Accent System of Nouns in the Naha City Dialect: Reinterpreted from the Works of Seiwa Oowan
  • Mori, Yuta: Renyo-Imperatives in Western Japanese Dialects: Regional Differences and Origins
  • Hayashi, Yuka and Celik, Kenan: Finite Uses of the Converb Form in Southern Ryukyuan Miyako Dialects

 Volume 5. (September 30, 2019)

  • Karimata, Shigehisa: Influence of Linguistic Contacts and the Differences between Northern and Southern Ryukyuan Languages
  • Sato, Takashi: Changes in the Treatment of Dialects Found in the Course of Study of Japanese Language Education
  • Sawaki, Motoei: Tokunoshima (Ryukyu) Dialect in Change and Importance of Previous Research
  • Sugimura, Takao: Discourse Change in the Funeral Ceremony: 3 Periods Discourses in Oita Prefecture
  • Tomosada, Kenji: A Study on Changes in Japanese Interjections and Challenges in Research
  • Nakai, Yukihiko: Can Kansai Natives Distinguish Real Kansai-ben from Fake Kansai-ben?
  • Hayashi, Naoki: Phonetic Features Affecting the Naturalness of Pitch Accent: Result from a Web-Based Survey
  • Muranaka, Toshiko: Derivation and Development of the Phrases Which Have Transformed Sounds in Polite Style of Kansai Dialect
  • Yoneda, Masato, Sato, Ryoichi, Mizuno, Yoshimichi, Sato, Kazuyuki, Abe, Takahito and Tsuda, Satoshi: How the Various Meanings of the Standard Japanese Case Marker Particle ni Expressed in Tsuruoka Dialect: Focusing on the Usages of the Case Marker Particle sa
  • Sakai, Mika: On the Grammatical Nominalization in Southern Ryukyuan Miyako Language
  • Shirata, Rihito: Predicative Wh-Words in the Kamikatetsu Dialect of Kikai, a Northern Ryukyuan Language
  • Takagi, Chie, Okano, Kaori, Iwasaki, Shimako, Tanaka, Lidia, Nakane, Ikuko and Maree, Claire: Changes in a Kobe Womans Speech Styles across Life Stages: Longitudinal Interviews 1989-2016
  • NakagawaNakagawa, Hiroyuki: Usage Change of the Final Particle teya of the Ehime-Prefecture Uwajima-City Dialect
  • Matsuda, Mika and Yamamoto, Tomomi: A Study of Possibility Expression in Shiiba Dialect in Higashi Usuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture: Systems and Dynamics of Possibility Expression in Dialectal Contact Area
  • Yokoyama, Akiko and Kagomiya, Takayuki: Experimental Study of Understanding Actual Status of Language Decline: The Case of Ryukyu-Okinoerabu Island

 Volume 4. (September 30, 2018)

  • Sekine, Tomoko: Progress in Dialect Geography Using Geographical Information System
  • Takagi, Chie: The Prolongation of the Directive Expressions Formed by the Final Particle =na in the Osaka Dialect
  • Takada, Mieko: Methods for Acoustic Analysis of Speech Sounds in Japanese Dialects: Overview and Prospects
  • Tanaka, Yukari: Dialect Cosplay and Virtual Dialect : New Concepts for Following Linguistic Dynamics of Japanese Society
  • Nakai, Seiichi: Acceptance of Vocabulary and Its Social Function: The Spread of the Names of Japanese Amberjack in Specific Growth Stages and Its Background
  • Haitani, Kenji: Language Propagation by the Maritime Network: The Mechanism of the Propagation Caused by the Half Land Half Sea Environment
  • Hanzawa, Yasushi: Diffusion and Change of haR in Tohoku District

 Volume 3. (September 30, 2017)

  • Onishi, Takuichiro: Dialect Formation Theory: For the Restoration of Geolinguistics
  • Kumagai, Yasuo: The Linguistic Atlas of Japan and Linguistic Atlas of Japan Database: Developing the LAJDB for Advancing the Multi-Perspective Analysis of the Atlas
  • Fukushima, Chitsuko: Regional Variation and Change of Dialects Shown by Integration and Comparison of Dialectal Distributions
  • Kobayashi, Takashi: Formality of Greetings Seen From Discourse: Regional Differences of Ohayo
  • Mitsui, Harumi and Yarimizu, Kanetaka: Factors That Give Rise to Regional Differences in the Language of Metropolitan Youth
  • Tsuzome, Naoya: An Attempt at Dialect Study Using a Wide-Area Glottogram: Based on Geolinguistic Surveys from the Western Part of Kinki and Hokuriku to Eastern and Central Parts of Chuugoku
  • Li, Jung-min: Changes of Chinese Dialects in Modern Taiwan: A Case Study of the Coastal Towns in the West of Taiwan
  • Iwata, Ray: Rethinking the Geo-Linguistic Factors Contributing to Lexical Changes
  • Oki, Hiroko: On Declarative Final Particles and Imperative Final Particles in Matsumoto Dialect Analyzed by Speech Discourse Theory
  • Sakoguchi, Yukako: The Distribution and Variation of Copula form in the Dialect of Seto Inland Sea
  • Shiina, Shoko: Regional Distribution of Praise and Derision in the Lyrics of Japanese Lullabies
  • Shiokawa, Nanami: Geographical and Generational Distribution of the Honorific Word sharu: Based on the Research, Nagasaki-Kaido Glottograms
  • Koichiro, Hidaka: Looking Back on the Project of the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Dialectological Circle of Japan

 Volume 2. (September 30, 2016)

  • Sato, Ryoichi: Looking Back Over 50 Years of Dialectological Circle of Japan
  • Hidaka, Mizuho: Research Trends in Dialectology and its Interface with Neighboring Fields
  • Inoue, Fumio: Research Trends in Computational Dialectology: Domestic and Abroad Over Half a Century
  • Sanada, Shinji: Research Trends in Sociodialectology
  • Kibe, Nobuko: Research Trends in Descriptive Dialectology
  • Onishi, Takuichiro: Research Trends in Japanese Geolinguistics
  • Konishi, Izumi: The Past and Future of Contrastive Dialectology
  • Aoki, Hirofumi: Research Trends in the Philological Study of the History of Japanese and its Interface with Dialectology
  • Matsumoto, Kazuko: Research Trends in Sociolinguistics and its Interface with Dialectology: A Perspective from Research on Diaspora Contact Varieties of Japanese
  • Shimamura, Takanori: Research Trends in Folkloristics and its Interface with Dialectology
  • Funaki, Reiko: The Use of Backchannel Expressions in Japanese Dialects
  • Fudano, Kazuo: Dialect Education as Citizenship Education: Whom the dialect education is to be provided for?

 Volume 1. (September 30, 2015)

  • Ohashi, Junichi: Aspects of Gōyōon in the Tohoku Dialect as Seen from Labial Features: Through a Comparison with Japanese Labial /h/ Sounds
  • Konishi, Izumi: On the Final Particle yo of the Toyama-city Dialect
  • Arai, Saeko: The Vocabularies for Flour Food in the Dialects in Gunma Prefecture: From the Description of the Words to the Clarification of the Culture
  • Nakanishi, Taro: Geographical and Social Research on Linguistic: Using the Example of Greeting Expressions for Linguistic Behavioral Research
  • Shimoji, Michinori: Marked Nominative and Split Intransitivity in Ryukyuan
  • Imamura, Kahoru: Dialect and its Connection with Medical Care and Social Welfare: A Proposal for Applied Dialectology
  • Shiraiwa, Hiroyuki: The Japanese Language and Its Dialects in Foreign Countries: Uses of the Western-Dialect Form by People from Eastern Japan in Japanese Communities in Brazil
  • Arimoto, Mitsuhiko: On the Symbiosis Type: For the Te-form Phonological Phenomenon in the Verbs of Kyushu Dialects
  • Tsuda, Satoshi: The Meaning of -tor(u)
  • Kushibiki, Yukiko: A Dialect Researcher Taking a Picture: Encounter of Dialectology and Pictures
  • Noma, Jumpei: Noda in Ishikawa Dialect: The Formation Process of New Forms
  • **Long, Daniel: What are Dialects?
  • Nikaido, Hitoshi, Kawase, Suguru, Takamaru, Keiichi, Tatsuki, Toshihisa and Matsuda, Kenjiro: On the Use of Minutes of Local Assemblies in Dialectological Studies: The Cases of Semiformal Style and Unnoticeable Dialect
  • Niinaga, Yuto and Aoi, Hayato: A Phonetic Description and a Phonological Interpretation of a Unique Coronal Consonant of the Kudaka Dialect in Okinawa

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